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What does an Esthetician do?


 The work of estheticians involves applying treatments and performing procedures to the skin as a way to maintain its health and vitality, improve its overall appearance, and combat the effects of sun exposure and aging.

 Estheticians are trained in skin wellness, most often helping people combat complexion problems through a number of therapies and practices. In addition to engaging in therapies that are designed to improve the tone, texture, color, and youthfulness of the skin of the face and neck, estheticians may perform a wide range of body therapies, as well, such as salt or sugar scrubs, body wraps, and hair removal. Waxing to remove unwanted hair is a common practice for estheticians, as is the application of makeup. 

 In spa settings, estheticians often perform procedures and treatments that are just as much about the mind and spirit as they are about the body. Therapies such as hot stone massages, mud baths, and aromatherapy are popular additions to the services performed by estheticians.

 Many people seek out estheticians to perform treatments that fight lines and wrinkles or dry skin, eczema, or acne, while others make appointments with their favorite esthetician to enjoy a rejuvenated or refreshed complexion. Finally, some people view a trip to the esthetician as a luxurious indulgence, where they can relax and unwind.

Yana's Esthetics in Denver

Indulge yourself with the highest level of esthetic spa treatments available! True to our mission you will leave looking and feeling so much better then when you arrived. Make your first appointment for Yana's Esthetics in Aurora Colorado and enjoy 20% off your first visit. Join our Frequent Facial Club and receive 10% off all services for life!

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Yana's Esthetics in Denver


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 Your skin is a delicate organ and should be handled with care. Our licensed estheticians use an all natural approach when treating your skin. Not harsh chemicals that can do permanent damage to your skin, even when used correctly. 

 At Yana's Esthetics we use a variety of techniques and treatments on our clients, from basic steam facials to trendy treatments like seaweed wraps and paraffin facials. Our work involves the use of creams, lotions, masks, serums, and wraps, many of which are created with antioxidants, botanicals, essential oils, and infused scents that provide our customers with a sensory experience promoting relaxation and rejuvenation.


 A small sampling of the services we provided at Yana's Esthetics in Aurora:

  • Acne treatments
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Lunch time peels
  • Dermo planing
  • Light therapy
  • High frequency treatment 
  • Waxing and tinting
  • Facials
  • Face and body masks and wraps
  • Makeup application
  • Pore cleansing
  • Body scrubs (salt and sugar scrubs) and other types of exfoliation
  • Aromatherapy
  • Moisturizing treatments
  • Scalp massage and treatments

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